Supporting the Museum

The only financial assistance the Museum receives is the generous support from individuals, like you, who have a love for Biblical Archaeology. In order for the Museum to function, some financial support is needed. Although all staff is voluntary, there are many other expenses associated with the Museum. In order to purchase more antiquities, upgrade the displays, advertize the museum, and bring in special guest lecturers, financial assistance is needed. A future expansion of the Museum is planned and that will also require funding. Your gifts are tax deductible and appreciated.

To make donations to the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology please contact Dr. Carl Morgan at:

Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology
240 N. West St.
Woodland, Ca. 95695

Or e-mail

You may also use the link below to make a SECURE donation through our church website. All donations to Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology are used only for the purpose of maintaining the museum, expanding the museum, or acquiring artifacts.


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