Museum News

JUNE 2020



Our Biblical Garden will be open for the public in July. We have been working hard to establish the pathways, place benches, get the plants in the ground, and create the signage. The garden consists of at least 50 plants that are found in the Bible. Our signage records the plant name and the Scripture verse where it is found in the Bible. I have attached a couple of photos for you to enjoy. You don't need to make an appointment and there is no charge. The garden is located at the rear of our property behind the children's playground.


Unfortunately, our Museum doors remain closed to the public due to the Corona Virus. We will let you know when we are open so that you can start making your reservations for tours. We have added 12 ancient artifacts to our collection and are presently creating displays that will enable you to better understand the Biblical world.


God Bless,

Carl Morgan (Director and Curator)


Museum Mission Statement

The primary reasons for beginning and maintaining the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology are:

       To preserve and display antiquities from the land of the Bible.

       To promote the understanding and teaching of Biblical History.

       To demonstrate the historical and geographical authenticity of the Bible.

       To create a learning environment for understanding God’s redemption of the world through Jesus Christ.


God’s Provision

There is no charge for visiting our Museum.  However, to operate, maintain, and improve the museum, we rely on donations. Donations are tax deductable and can be made anytime, either at the museum, online using your PayPal account, or by mailing a check to:

Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology

c/o Woodland United Fellowship

240 N. West St.

Woodland, CA 95695

Please make sure that checks are made to WUF and put “museum” in the memo space.

For your convenience, you can also make donations through our website and your PayPal account.


God Bless,

Carl Morgan