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(March, 2023)

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Shasta Bible College in Redding, California is in the midst of its annual Alpha/Omega Conference and Woodland United Fellowship will be hosting one of the speakers on Sunday, April 2nd (Palm Sunday) at 6 PM. A little about Dr. Randy Guliuzza of Institute for Creation Research is below.

Dr. Randy Guliuzza is President of Institute For Creation Research (ICR) in Dallas, Texas. At the Institute leading creation scientists are continually conducting research which refutes the evolutionary hypothesis and supports the Biblical account of creation.
Dr. Guliuzza has served as an Air Force Flight Surgeon, Chief of Aerospace Medicine, engineer, is a Harvard Graduate and an alumnus of Moody Bible Institute. His application of engineering concepts to origins brings a fresh perspective to scientific creation.

Once again:
"Darwinism Breeds A Culture of Death"
Dr. Randy Guliuzza
Sunday evening at 6 PM at Woodland United Fellowship
240 N. West St. in the Church Worship Center
Woodland, Ca.

There is no charge for this event but an offering will be received. The Museum will be open at 5 PM and after the event. I hope to see you there!

--Carl Morgan
Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology
240 N. West St. Woodland, CA. 95695
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